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AquaBee Coolers, LLC is micro-small minority owned company and mindfulness brand with a moonshot goal to diversify the cooler business with its innovative AquaBee Cooler ™.  AquaBee Coolers' star shot goal is to strengthen the fun, colorful feature richness, appeal, and sustainable of the AquaBee Cooler ™. AquaBee Coolers, LLC designs, provide engineering support, markets, and manages the AquaBee Cooler ™ product, brand, intellectual property, licensing, and acquisition of the patented AquaBee Cooler ™.

AquaBee Coolers' signature cooler (i.e., AquaBee Cooler ™) is offered using a pull strategy.  Through the pull strategy, retailers, partners, and businesses interested in the AquaBee Cooler ™ may opt to license and manufacture, and/or purchase inventory by way of AquaBee Coolers, LLC (including private labeled units).  Customers are encouraged to ask their favorite retailer about the availability of AquaBee Cooler ™ on the store shelves.  AquaBee Coolers, LLC increases awareness of the company's signature cooler and brand via marketing merchandise sold by retailers and on this website; and the company pursues mass retailers by submitting product proposals to solicitating retailer through RangeMe.com.
2-in-1 AquaBee Cooler
"When you see the trademark nozzle access door, you know it is an AquaBee Cooler ™."
2 in 1 Beverage Dispenser and Cooler Utility
  • Nozzle Access Door
    • Zips to Conceal Nozzle from:
      • Contaminants
      • Animal Saliva, etc.
    • with and without Cup Holder
  • Cooler Body Insulates Content
  • Insert Enable Use as Traditional Cooler
  • Patented
  • 20 Cans + Ice Capacity
  • Sized for Various Dispenser Bottle Types
* Liner and cupholder are gray. The yellow insert and cupholder shown is to highlight position of the liner and cupholder.
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