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AquaBee Coolers, LLC is micro-small minority owned company and mindfulness brand with a moonshot goal to diversify the cooler business with its innovative AquaBee Cooler ™.  AquaBee Coolers' star shot goal is to strengthen the fun, colorful feature richness, appeal, and sustainable of the AquaBee Cooler ™. AquaBee Coolers, LLC designs, provide engineering support, markets, and manages the AquaBee Cooler ™ product, brand, intellectual property, licensing, and acquisition of the patented AquaBee Cooler ™.

AquaBee Coolers' signature cooler (i.e., AquaBee Cooler ™) is offered using a pull strategy.  Through the pull strategy, retailers, partners, and businesses interested in the AquaBee Cooler ™ may opt to license and manufacture, and/or purchase inventory by way of AquaBee Coolers, LLC (including private labeled units).  Customers are encouraged to ask their favorite retailer(s) about the availability of the AquaBee Cooler ™, trademark type coolers, on their store shelves.  AquaBee Coolers, LLC increases awareness of the company's signature cooler and brand via marketing merchandise sold by retailers and on this website, and the company pursues mass retailers by submitting product proposals to solicitating retailers and through RangeMe.com.  
2-in-1 AquaBee Cooler
"When you see the trademark nozzle access door, you know it is an AquaBee Cooler ™."
Patented 2 in 1 Beverage Dispenser and Cooler Utility
  • Nozzle Access Door
    • Zips to Conceal Nozzle from:
      • Contaminants
      • Animal Saliva, etc.
    • with and without Cup Holder
  • Cooler Body Insulates Content
  • Insert Enable Use as Traditional Cooler w/ 2 Layers of Insulation
  • 20 Cans Capacity

  • Sized for Various Dispenser Bottle Types (Note:  Keep cooler lid completely open when dispensing from a Bottle Type that requires a hole in the body of the bottle)
* Liner and cupholder are typically gray. The yellow insert and cupholder shown here is to highlight the position of the liner and cupholder. Yellow liner material are available when ordered in sufficient quantities.

Use Case
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