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AquaBee Cooler™ Signature is a patented picnic cooler and water dispenser solution for home, the work site, office, a garage, wedding, and more.  AquaBee Cooler™ is a NEW solution among coolers in that it offers an all in one cooler and bottled water dispenser system.  AquaBee Cooler™ is an easy to use home essential for the BZ.  The cooler transforms to a dispenser once a beverage bottle is placed in it, and the nozzle access door is opened/unzipped.  Then it transforms back to a cooler without any hassle.  We are now open to discuss Licensing the cooler/dispenser system to all that are interested in this most innovative product.  Contact us using email subject “Licensing Discussion” if you are interested in production and sales of our coolers.  Use the Design Concepts and the Manufacturing Drawings link to learn more about the AquaBee Cooler™ Signature.

In addition to Licensing the AquaBee Cooler™ Signature we now offer the Team Player™ Disposable Drip Tray for wholesale buy and we also offer AquaBee Cooler™ Soft Coolers for individual or whole sale purchase. Buy the AquaBee Cooler™ Tough 18 PAK and AquaBee Cooler™ 9 PAK Soft Coolers in the AquaBee Cooler™ (ABC) Store.  With that, we thank you for visiting our website.  Be sure to read about the infused water of the month while you are here, and you are personally invited to take advantage of the discounts on our Affiliate Page.  Visit us frequently to check out the new infused water idea and rack up using the current discounts.  We hope you enjoy our new site as much as we enjoyed building it.  Most importantly, thank you for your patronage.  
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