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AquaBee Coolers, LLC. is a minority owned small business that aims to become a sustainable company.  The AquaBee Cooler™ (also known as AquaBee Cooler Convertible Dispenser Cooler) is a patented picnic cooler and water dispenser solution for the home, college dorm room, the work site, office desk, a garage, wedding, workout room/class, sport events, and more.  

  • 2007 – Convertible Dispenser Cooler 2-in-1 idea developed and associated for partnership interest.
  • 2010 AquaBee Cooler™ name conceived.  
  • 2012 – Patented granted for the cooler and dispenser solution.
  • 2012 – Trademark style nozzle access door created.
  • December 2012  – aquabeecooler.com domain purchased.
  • 2014 – www.aquabeecooler.com website go live.
  • 2012 THRU 2021 – Engineering and Manufacturing prototypes built; patent socialized for partnership interest.
  • 2021 – Production prototype acquired and mass production source established.
  • April 04, 2021 – Certificate of Organization and Article of Organization.
AquaBee Coolers, LLC is the result of a great deal of persistence and work to create values, distinguish, and propel the company toward becoming a sustainable company and mindfulness brand.  In addition to being extremely innovative, practical, and useful, the Convertible Dispenser Cooler is a multipurpose product which could aligns with the less landfills movement.  AquaBee Cooler™ is a NEW solution among coolers in that it offers an all in one cooler and hidden bottle dispenser system.  AquaBee Cooler™ is an easy-to-use home essential for the BZ. "When you see the trademark nozzle access door, you know it is an AquaBee Cooler™" The cooler transforms to a hidden bottle dispenser once a beverage bottle is placed in it, and the nozzle access door is opened/unzipped.  Then when the bottle is removed and the liner is reinserted, AquaBee Cooler™ is ready to be used as a cooler.  Practicality, usefulness, and affordability make AquaBee Cooler™ a college dorm room essential, and perfect tailgating cooler.

Like the founding years of Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Walt Disney and other famous brands, AquaBee Coolers operates in a non-commercial office space, and is aimable to telework as part of its goal to be a sustainable company.  The brand is transparent in its present use of a PO. Box address to assist in compartmentalizing business activity while in non-commercial office space.  Notably, Furthermore, AquaBee Coolers has a Certificate of Organization and Article of Organization furnished by the Indiana Secretary of State effective Sunday, April 04, 2021. The company also holds a current Dun & Bradstreet (D-U-N-S Number) and 2022 Dun & Bradstreet Supplier Evaluation Risk (SER) Rating, United States Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service Employer Tax Identification (EIN) Number, and Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code. Additionally, AquaBee Coolers is engaged in the process of acquiring MBE Certification for validation of the company's <50% minority owned business status; and anticipate having the MBE Certification awarded in the 3rd Quarter of calendar year 2022. The certified MBE status is expected to increase product availability and company earning seen in 2nd Quarter of calendar year 2023.  AquaBee Coolers has a six (6) phase growth strategy.  The company project 2023 earning to scale AquaBee Coolers firmly into Phase I.

AquaBee Coolers' CEO, Thomas Kpabar, has a background in Engineering and Human Resources.  Tom holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering (ME), a Master’s in ME with a Concentration in Manufacturing, and he is now candidate after successfully completing all required course work for the Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in Data Analytics.  Tom is most proud of his work as a volunteer, and formative years employment as a: theme park game attendant, birthday party restaurant lead game room server, and package handler at a multinational shipping & receiving and supply chain management company.  It is during that time that Tom attributes the development of his attitude toward customers of all ages, uplift, and hard work.

AquaBee Coolers, LLC. is open to discuss licensing the cooler/dispenser system to all that are interested in this most innovative product.  Contact us using emails to aquabee@aquabeecooler.com, subject “Licensing Discussion” if you are interested in purchase, production, and/or sales of our coolers.  Also be mindful to consider the Signature Cooler and the Manufacturing Drawings links to learn more about the AquaBee Cooler™. FYI AquaBee Coolers, LLC. sells to retailers using the RangeMe platform; and Private labeling including sports licensee requests are welcomed. Thank you for visiting AquaBee Coolers. I hope you enjoy our site as much as we enjoyed building it.  Most importantly, thank you for your patronage. – Tom (CEO AquaBee Coolers, LLC)
"AquaBee Cooler is fun to say. Where were you last week when I needed you during my son's game" Jennifer

"AquaBee Cooler is a no-brainer, my golf buddies and i would have your cooler many times over." Gerry

* Liner and cupholder are gray. The yellow insert and cupholder shown is to highlight position of the liner and cupholder.
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