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* Liner and cupholder are typically gray. The yellow insert and cupholder shown here is to highlight the position of the liner and cupholder. Yellow liner material are available when ordered in sufficient quantities. (Note:  Keep cooler lid completely open when dispensing from a Bottle Type that requires a hole in the body of the bottle)

AquaBee Coolerâ„¢ (also known as the AquaBee Cooler Convertible Dispenser Cooler) is now proposed to retailers using the RangeMe platform.  Request a link to view AquaBee Coolers, LLC's product offerings which are available on RangeMe. Send an email for purchase details. Thank you!

The Convertible Dispenser Cooler is a dorm room essential, tailgating must have, backyard BBQ go to item, and more!

"When you see the trademark nozzle access door, you know it is an AquaBee Cooler"

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